Welcome to OFFLOAD WIN 1.00

OFFLOAD Windows 1.00 has been released!

OFFLOAD is a decentralized, p2p file storage network. It is the new, anonymous generation of file sharing and file storage like a kind of secure torrent. Download the OFFLOAD client and securely download and store files with OFF-URLs.

  • p2p decentralized filesharing and filestorage network,
  • anonymous downloading with speeds like in torrent.
  • Integrated Friendslist to share best OFF-URLs with your trusted friends .
  • LinkCloud - Feature to rate OFF-URLs and to send them directly to your friends.
  • Store files and leave the network, files are still present and shared.
  • Don´t search, just forward files to your friends.

OFFLOAD uses the wxwidgets gui Framework and is compatible to the offsystem library.

P2p File Storage Network

OFFLOAD is different than normal file sharing: it is anonymous.

OFFLOAD is as well different from other anonymous file sharing apps: is is faster.

Why is it faster?

Because you do not forward data packets in a proxy network from peer to peer, you can download the blocks in the OFF Network (depending on the availability of the blocks and amount of users swarming them) as fast as any other torrent swarm.

But as you load just shreddered meaningless data, you will be safe and can never be sued!

The meaning is in the OFF-URL, so keep this private.


How do I search or get OFF-URLS?

In OFFLOAD you cannot search for OFFURLs. You can find OFFURLS on the web, try to search for them or find a portal, which publishes them. But normally you do not search for them, you forward OFF-URLs to your trusted friends.


Compile Offload for linux under ubuntu or try a win compile

see the readme file in the SVN . Offload Network is compatible with http://blocksnet.sf.net


Load the Source and Win Installer over Offload with this link